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Dec 14, 2019

History’s Greatest Sea Is Dying

The failure of countries bordering the eastern Mediterranean helps explain the difficulty of carrying out successful climate-change negotiations.

The Atlantic 

Mar 30, 2019

The Middle East’s Authoritarians Have Come for Conservationists

Environmental activists pushing for clean water, restrictions on poaching, and action on climate change have faced prison—or worse

The Atlantic 

May 9, 2014

In Cairo, Widespread Sexual Harassment Is Also Making Traffic Congestion Worse

"Women who have the possibility to choose take taxis."

The Atlantic 

Sep 12, 2013

Egypt's Latest Conspiracy Theories Target the Country's Syrian Refugees

After fleeing a warzone, Syrians find that Egyptians want to hunt them down.

The Atlantic 

Aug 20, 2013

There Are No More Good Guys in Egypt

One thing that makes this crisis so vexing: Each of the country's major groups have done something totally horrible in the past few weeks.